We’re TetraNation

We believe people with disabilities should be able to take part in the activities that everyone else enjoys, whether it be work, rest or play!

We do this by inventing gizmos that overcome barriers. Sometimes it’s modifications to existing equipment, sometimes we invent something unique. We’re hands-on – engineers, technicians and skilled tradespeople. We look at mobility barriers and see solutions.

The volunteers you are meeting on this website are members of the Tetra Society of North America, a charity formed in Vancouver, BC in 1987 by a man who wanted to do more with his life. Sam Sullivan, a tetraplegic following a skiing accident at age 19, wanted to be able to wash, dress and feed himself so he would be able to get out of his apartment and find work. An engineer volunteered to devise simple modifications, which revolutionized Sam’s life. He decided to share this empowerment with others across North America by forming Tetra.

Accessible crib

    Scissor-lift project

      Gardening cart

        Rifle holder

          Guitar strummer

            Sit ski

            30 years building custom assistive devices

            Now celebrating our 30th year, the Tetra Society has created thousands of custom assistive devices across North America. Tetra has expanded to chapters in 45 communities, operated by more than 300 volunteers who collectively design and construct more than 500 assistive device projects each year.

            The magic happens in the community: someone who wants to make a difference is matched up with someone with a barrier to overcome. Volunteer and client work together until a safe, workable solution is completed. Everything is custom; everything meets the specific needs of an individual.

            And this is TetraNation: a community of people coming together to help one another. It’s about access and inclusion.

            Ultimately, we envision a world where people with physical disabilities feel empowered and inspired to re-imagine what’s possible. This is achieved by doing things – accessing opportunities.