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These projects were all completed by volunteers of the Tetra Society of North America, a Canadian-based charity that invents devices to overcome barriers faced by people with disabilities.

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Author: Sylvia Baliko - Tetra HamiltonHalton Niagara
Title: 1 Year Later - Adult Jolly Jumper
Description: Joy has a spinal injury which left her unable to stand and in 2016 she filled out a Request for Assistnace on the Tetra website and requested a device that would allow her to sit and scoot along the floor in order to strengthen her legs. Tetra volunteers built an adult jolly jumper and Joy used it for therapy. One and a half years later she no longer sitting in the device for therapy - she is using the jolly jumper as a large walker as demonstrated in the video. Joy contacted us recently and told us that she was able to attend her son's wedding in August 2017 and was able to have the mother-son dance with him. Way to go Tetra volunteers and Joy!
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