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These projects were all completed by volunteers of the Tetra Society of North America, a Canadian-based charity that invents devices to overcome barriers faced by people with disabilities.

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Title: Sledge hockey lever
Description: What to do if you are new to sledge hockey and take a tumble, getting stuck sideways on the ice? Generally speaking, it takes two people to lift you back upright - but there's got to be an easier way of doing it. . . And that's where the Tetra Society of North America comes in, a charity that recruits technically-minded people to invent gizmos that overcome barriers for people with disabilities. Vancouver volunteer Glen Parker devised a “big stick” – a lever, wrapped in hockey tape to look inconspicuous, which the ref carries to flick overturned sledges upright. (More experienced players can right themselves. . . often you have to play the sport to improve your fitness.)
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