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Congratulations to our 2021 winners!

Read more about last year’s winners in Tetra Society’s Gizmo Newsletter.

Contestant posing on beach in adaptive beach wheelchair.
This beach wheelchair won the award for the most votes in the 2021 TetraNation competition.
Volunteers pose with child on adaptive tricycle.
This adapted trike was the recipient of the award for best children’s project in the 2021 TetraNation competition. 
Adaptive Archery set up outside.
This archery project was voted as the most innovative project submitted during the 2021 TetraNation contest. 

What we do

For over 30 years, Tetra Society of North America has been connecting people with disabilities to technically-skilled volunteers who imagine, create, design, and devise one-of-a-kind gizmos to address physical barriers in a person’s lived environment, either by hacking existing equipment to make it accessible or by inventing a completely unique solution.

In its fifth year, TetraNation showcases the work of Tetra’s of compassionate, skilled volunteers – and celebrates the differences their inventions make in people’s lives. We can’t thank our volunteers enough for their amazing work, so we’ve created a friendly competition to share these inspiring outcomes and help spread their message.

Take a look at some of our recent inventions, and please show your support with a Thumbs Up!