Text: We Live in Tetra Nation

About the 2018 Campaign

The TetraNation campaign was designed to recognize local Tetra volunteers for giving of their time and talent to create custom-assistive devices to help people with physical disabilities overcome barriers. The campaign had a ThumbsUP! feature that allowed viewers to vote on their favourite gadgets and videos. By the close of the campaign on April 30, 2018, 27 videos were posted and there were over 7,000 views. Three volunteers and their gadgets stood out among the public:

“Tetra volunteers create custom-assistive devices that are as unique as the people they help,” said Ruby Ng, Executive Director. “The innovations range from gadgets for everyday living to recreational assistance, for children through to seniors, which overcome obstacles and barriers, enhancing independence and quality of life.”

Tetra Society of North America is a non-profit organization that mobilizes a network of over 250 volunteers and growing, with various skills who create solutions for people with physical disabilities. There are 33 Tetra chapters across Canada and each year Tetra receives more than 400 project requests. Support Tetra and its work by donating online at tetrasociety.org.

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About the Winning Video

The winning video in the TetraNation campaign features Surrey resident, Tetra volunteer and retired engineer Robin de Goutiere who designed and built curling brace posts for an entire curling team where each member has a different mobility condition – paraplegia, tetraplegia and lupus. The customized adaptations included push poles, pole holders, and braces for balance. Robin has been a Tetra volunteer for only a year and has already completed over 20 projects.

First Runner-Up

First runner-up was David Spears who created a scooter wine glass holder for a woman who uses a scooter for mobility. The individual found it difficult to balance her wine glass and plate at social events while on her scooter. David, who has contributed to more than 30 projects since 2015, installed the hands-free holder under the seat of the scooter and made it easy to access and remove when not in use.

Second Runner-Up

Second runner-up accolades went to a team effort to help Rowan, a young client with cerebral palsy. Rowan needs to develop his leg strength and support his upper body, so Sarah Matson and Danielle Hayes assembled a tough and stable frame with a wheel at each corner that was welded together by Mike McNally. Mike has been volunteering with Tetra for over 10 years and has done over 60 projects. He also received the Tetra Lifetime Achievement Award in 2014. View on Facebook