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About the 2022 Campaign

Each year, TetraNation recognizes the work of Tetra Society’s nearly 300 volunteers across Canada. This year’s TetraNation competition is running from February 1st to April 23rd. We will announce the winning videos during National Volunteer Week Tetra’s volunteer network is so incredibly giving of their time and talent as they create customized assistive devices that address barriers in the lived environments of people with disabilities.

Starting on February 1st, we’ll be releasing 10 videos every 2 weeks. Make sure to vote for your favourite(s). Once the two weeks have passed, the next 10 videos will be released, for their turn in the spotlight. 

After all 50 videos have had their two weeks, we’ll open up all entrants for the final two weeks of the contest, which culminates during National Volunteers Week April 24-30, where we will be announcing the winners on ConnecTogether

Be sure to like Tetra Society of North America’s Facebook and follow our Instagram page and YouTube channel for updates throughout the competition. 

Contest is finished!
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Title: Gait Training - Central
Author: jrichard
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Description: Client walked on her toes because of her condition and wanted to stop this. She came up with the idea of having shoe inserts with sensors in them to make a device buzz and remind her to walk properly. Using a pair of force sensors, a system of lights was developed to illustrate proper walking (green for heel and blue for toe) and toe walking (red on toe for too long) A vibrator was added to create the requested ‘buzz’ for toe-walking. The force sensors were installed in the shoe insole and connected to lights on the shoe and to an ankle band vibration system. This was tested and proved successful in encouraging the client to walk properly."