About Us

What is TetraNation?

TetraNation is aimed to celebrate the amazing one-of-a-kind custom devices that our volunteer-led community can create to help people with disabilities in their everyday lives. We believe people with disabilities should be able to take part in the activities that everyone else enjoys, whether it be work, rest or play!

We do this by inventing gizmos that overcome barriers. Sometimes it’s modifications to existing equipment, sometimes we invent something unique. We’re hands-on – engineers, technicians and skilled tradespeople. We look at mobility, recreational, and vocational barriers and see solutions.

In order to showcase these gadgets, we ask volunteers to submit short videos of their creations to share online to garner “likes”. We hope to foster community, engagement, and work together to improve the lives of those around us.

This competition stems from the Tetra Society of North America, a charity formed in Vancouver, BC in 1987 by a man who wanted to do more with his life. Sam Sullivan, a tetraplegic following a skiing accident at age 19, wanted to be able to wash, dress and feed himself so he would be able to get out of his apartment and find work. An engineer volunteered to devise simple modifications, which revolutionized Sam’s life. He decided to share this empowerment with others across North America by forming Tetra.

How does it work?

Whether you’re a Tetra Chapter or a Tetra University Club, we want to see what you can do! In order to enter this competition, you must do the following:

  1. Find a client with a mobility, recreational, or vocational barrier who you believe you could help by creating a custom solution.
  2. Design and create this device and work with the client to make it work
  3. Film the device in action! If the client is in the video, please have them sign this RELEASE FORM.
  4. Submit your 15-90 second video any time before the start date – the earlier you submit, the longer you get to promote it.
  5. Wait to see your video posted on this website, on the Tetra Society Facebook page, and on our YouTube channel. Share, share, share! Do your best to get the most likes on your video’s YouTube link.
  6. Celebrate that you’ve helped someone make their life a little bit easier!

And don’t forget to like the Tetra Society of North America’s Facebook page and to follow our YouTube channel!

What other ways can I support Tetra Nation?

  1. You can always support TetraNation by donating directly to the Tetra Society of North America – help us help people with disabilities navigate their lives with custom assistive devices
  2. Share and like the TetraNation videos we post; the best way to celebrate our clients and volunteers is to show others what they can do!

Prize Incentives

On top of facilitating the lives of people with disabilities, we’ve got some incentives for those Chapters and clubs that gain the most attention:

MOST LIKED CHAPTER VIDEO will get dinner (on us!) for their Chapter

MOST CREATIVE DEVICE, as determined by a Panel vote (Panel TBA), will get breakfast (on us!) for their chapter.