What is TetraNation?

Tetra client on adaptive tricycle.

What is TetraNation?

Whether you’re a Tetra Chapter or a Tetra University Club, we want to see what you can do!

Join us for our fifth year of celebrating our volunteers! Getting involved is simple. For volunteers who created these assistive devices, keep doing what you’re doing building the gizmos that impact the lives of people with disabilities around the country. We’ll be selecting 50 projects from coast-to-coast that will participate in this year’s TetraNation contest so keep the innovation coming!

If you have a project that you want included in this year’s TetraNation, contact Sylvia Baliko for more information. 

Tetra clients playing with adaptive bocci ball set.

How does it work?

Starting on February 1st, we’ll be releasing 10 videos every 2 weeks. Make sure to vote here for your favourite(s). Once the two weeks have passed, the next 10 videos will be released, for their turn in the spotlight. 

After all 50 videos have had their two weeks, we’ll open up all entrants for the final two weeks of the contest, which culminates during National Volunteers Week April 24-30, where we will be announcing the winners on ConnecTogether. Be sure to like Tetra Society of North America’s Facebook and follow our Instagram page and YouTube channel for updates throughout the competition. 

Tetra client using adaptive baby carrier attachment on her wheelchair.

Prize Incentives

Prizes will be given to the project receiving the most votes in each region of the country: British Columbia, the Prairies, Central Canada, and the Atlantic Provinces. The winning chapter will get bragging rights, recognition on social media and in Gizmo magazine, as well as gift cards for a local business.

What other ways can I support Tetra Nation?

Support your favourite projects by voting!